AMA Engineers, LLC

Project Engineer


1.     Perform topographic survey and prepare existing condition plans with detailed information, on-site configurations, topography, right of way, easements, utilities, soils, hydrology, adjacent land use, and zoning restrictions;

2.     Design and perform structural analysis of retaining walls;

3.     Perform construction stakeouts and prepare cutsheets;

4.     Perform field surveys and prepare House Location plats, Wall Check surveys, As-Built plats, Building Height Certification;

5.     Develop site development plans for residential and commercial projects;

6.     Prepare construction cost estimates and schedules for civil and environmental projects;

Minimum Requirements: Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, or Related.

1.     Experience in or knowledge of AutoCAD and SAP2000;

2.     Experience in or knowledge of Auto Level, Total Station and GIS;

3.     Experience in or knowledge of preparing plats, and grading plans, analyzing topography maps and drawing proposed contours;

Resumes to Job location: AMA Engineers, LLC, 3930 Pender Drive, Suite 310, Fairfax, VA 22030, Attn: R. Baral